About Us

Viewing glasses-free 3D and VR images and videos is becoming increasingly popular. We believe everyone should be able to capture, share and re-live moments in 3D with or without 3D glasses or VR head sets. This was the premise in developing Whoosh3D™, our 3D glass screen and mobile app for capturing and displaying content in glasses-free 3D using nothing more than one’s personal mobile phone or tablet. From the days of 3DVT , we understood consumers need a 3D solution which would shift them from solely being “content consumers” to “content creators”. As VR started to trend, we saw the mistakes of the past being repeated again. We realized creating one’s own VR content requires special hardware and is not easy. This is what we set out to change with WhooshVR™. We want consumers to be able to re-live and share with family and friends their experiences while they were in a special place, at a special occasion, or on holiday - let others visually experience what they did.

The WhooshVR™ app app enables “user-generated” VR content, in 3D, on a smartphone, from any source, without the use of additional hardware or off-device processing. Immersive VR3D photo capture is achieved with a “single photo shot”. No more time-consuming, tedious, dizzying, or socially awkward photo capture methods.

WhooshVR™is applying user generated virtual reality content in 3D on a mass consumer and social media platform.

Capture, Share, and Experience VR3D!

How It Started
  • Our core technology is in extracting 3D information from 2D data using conventional off-the-shelf equipment. We take an interest in new technology, ideas and gadgets, so when VR started trending we took a look at computer-tethered and mobile VR solutions on the market. We understood for VR to go mainstream, it’s going to need a user case which fits in with our digital mobile lifestyle. The reality is the lack of content is what’s holding VR back from wider adoption, specifically user-generated content (UGC).

  • Existing UGC consumer solutions were trending as VR cameras, but these are not priced to go mainstream nor capture VR in 3D. Since on-device photo/video capture and share is a core functionality of all smartphones today, we felt a cost effective UGC solution for consumer VR in 3D is critical for the growth of virtual reality.

  • We decided to take our 3D know-how to the next level and develop our very own mobile VR3D technology which could be defined by function and value. So, for starters, we took on the approach of NOT having to take multiple photos or rotate in a dizzying circle to capture a VR photo in 3D. We then added AR overlay and 3D printing features. Yes, we went a little overboard with our design from the original intention of making VR3D UGC more efficient and user-friendly.

  • Then we thought, why stop there, why not create a mobile platform which will democratize VR as a “social content creation” medium and make it easy for people to create, convert, personalize, and share not only their photos, videos and memories with communities in a Virtual Reality experience, but even convert 2D video games to VR3D? So… we developed our very own solutions to convert photo, video, and video games to VR3D formats for use on mobile devices.

We hope you’ll enjoy your VR3D experience with WhooshVR™.


3DVT's mobile-focused technology of capturing and applying user-generated 3D and VR3D content has applications that extend far beyond entertainment, into every part of our communities, and across many verticals. Our 3D and VR3D apps, enable "user generated" content "in 3D and VR3D" on a mobile phone, and from any source, without the use of additional cameras or off-device processing. Our unique 3D and VR3D photo technologies offer three camera modes to accomplish this.

  1. 3D Cam: This is our "Single Photo Shot" camera and is ideal when photos include a moving background. Capture photos as easily as you would when taking a 2D photo. This feature converts a 2D photo into 3D instantly. No more time consuming, tedious, dizzying, or socially awkward photo capture methods.

  2. Stereo Cam: This is our "Swipe" Camera and ideal for photos where there's no movement in the scene. Using a steady hand to capture 3D stereo images on your phone with a gentle left-to-right swipe movement.

  3. Fisheye Cam: photo capture mode when using a 180 or 360 fisheye lens accessory on your device.

Our Whoosh3D™ and WhooshVR™ app tackle the issue of enabling user-generated content in 3D, thus shifting consumers from the limitations of being "content consumers" to the freedom of becoming the "content creators".

Your photos can be edited with filters and overlays, shared, and even printed in 3D using commodity printers like inkjet and dye-sub printers at home. 3D photos are stored in the device's photo library for viewing using our 3D screen protector on cardboard and other VR headsets. 3DVT offers the most user-friendly and advanced 3D and VR3D technologies designed for real-time applications on mobile devices.

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